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Ashraf Mohamed

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Chief Investment Officer

Ashraf Mohamed is a seasoned investment professional specializing in emerging market investments. He currently holds the position of Non-Executive Director at Castleview Property Fund, a reputable real estate investment trust listed on the stock exchange.

His illustrious career in the financial services industry commenced in 1994, when he joined HSBC in South Africa as an astute analyst. Demonstrating his acumen, he later assumed a prominent role within the Chairman’s office, actively identifying and cultivating novel market prospects.

Between 1998 and 2009, Ashraf honed his expertise in asset management, skillfully overseeing equity and balanced funds. Notably, he held key positions at esteemed financial institutions such as Franklin Templeton, Futuregrowth, and Stanlib, where he adroitly managed third-party assets exceeding an impressive sum of USD 15 billion. As his tenure progressed, Ashraf specialized in Shariah-compliant investment products, effectively cultivating a robust global network within this realm.

In June 2009, Ashraf assumed a pivotal role as a consultant for Regiments Capital, a distinguished investment bank. In this capacity, he orchestrated the development of strategic processes for the institution’s Asset-Liability portfolios, Structured Funding, and Stockbroking divisions. Under his adept leadership, these businesses accounted for a remarkable 85% of Regiments’ profits during his tenure.

In December 2011, Ashraf assumed the mantle of Chief Executive Officer at Ascension Properties, a significant milestone in his career trajectory. Demonstrating exceptional proficiency, he successfully led the company’s listing on the market in June 2012. Over the course of his tenure, Ashraf played a pivotal role in scaling the business’s assets from USD 60 million to an impressive USD 380 million.

Subsequently, in February 2014, Ashraf oversaw the sale of the management company, culminating in his resignation as CEO in June of the same year.
Between June 2014 and February 2015, Ashraf took on the responsibility of acting Chief Investment Officer at Pareto, an esteemed unlisted property company. During this tenure, he skillfully navigated the sale of 50% of Cavendish Square, while successfully securing control of Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, further augmenting Pareto’s portfolio.

From June 2017 to November 2019, Ashraf served as the esteemed Chairman of Inospace, an eminent property development and rental firm, exemplifying his adeptness in steering organizations towards success.

Lastly, from 2000 to 2022, Ashraf held the esteemed position of Chief Investment Officer at a reputable family office based in London. In this capacity, he deftly managed the organization’s global asset allocation, cementing his reputation as a trusted steward of wealth.